Introducing the AFC Urgent Care Clearwater Health Membership Program

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What is it?

AFC Urgent Care Clearwater is proud to introduce our brand new Health Membership Program.  Our center has always been here for when you’re injured or feeling under the weather, but now, we’re providing our patients with the opportunity to have unlimited monthly visits for all urgent care medical services. The best part – it costs less than a cup of coffee per day.


High Deductible Health Plan?

Try Our NO Deductible Low-Cost Urgent Care Plan

With our health plan, we’re offering our patients the chance to see a physician every time they visit our center. If you have everyday health care needs and have not met your deductible, we can provide you with the convenient and affordable urgent care services you need. We guarantee no co-pays, hidden fees or deductibles. When your health care plan can’t accommodate you, our plan can provide you with unlimited visits for an extremely low cost.

How Does This Plan Work?

We’re offering our patients the opportunity to enroll in two different options: single and family membership plan.

Single Plan: $45 each Month

Family Plan: $115 each Month (Immediate Family ONLY)

With both plans, you can visit our center for our urgent care services as many times as you need each month.

How Do I Sign Up?

Fill out the form on this page and either drop it off at our clinic, mail it to our center, or fax it to (727) 266-1276.

What’s Next?

Once we process your payment, you will immediately become an active member of our program. You will see your ACH debit on your next month’s credit card bill. Next time you visit our center, just let us know that you’re a member to enjoy your co-pay free visit. And you can cancel anytime! No fees!


Simply call us at (727) 266-1266 and our helpful staff members can provide you with the answers you need. You can also email us at

*To sign up, please click on the image below, print and enter in any requested information. Once the form is complete, you can either mail the form to our address, drop it off at our Clearwater location or fax it to 727.266.1266.

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